Heather and Matt - May 20, 2016

Tim and I had the privilege of shooting Matt and Heather's Pirates baseball themed wedding, and it was extra special for us because we weren't just the photographers - we were also guests! Tim and Matt have been good friends for a long time, and over the course of years of being softball teammates, weekend warriors, and google chat buddies, Matt has shared with Tim his desire to find Mrs. Right. He knew that he was being called to be a husband, but as we all know, waiting for our plan to unfold can require a heaping dose of faith and patience. 

Then along came Heather. By their own admission, Heather and Matt are total opposites - quiet scientist vs. talkative salesman. (They sound like us!) But they've been a perfect match from day one, and we've never worked with a couple who's so in tune to each other without needing to even say a word. More than once on their wedding day, we saw them share a look and then a smile, and it was obvious that they'd just had a whole silent conversation. It was beautiful to watch, and such an incredible testament to the joy that comes with waiting for a plan from the One whose purpose is higher than our own.

Congratulations, Matt and Heather! We can't wait to see what your marriage has in store for you!