Kerry and Dylan - April 23, 2016

Spring is just wonderful, isn't it? We love the new green on the trees, the colorful bloom of fresh flowers, and the cool breezes through open windows. Spring is so full of the joy of new life and the promise of better things to come, and we can't help but be inspired by Mother Nature's unfolding beauty. Watching the earth be reborn after a long winter is almost magical - a breath of fresh air to the soul, an awakening of the spirit. 

And so, of course we're suckers for spring weddings. What a wonderful way to begin a marriage, surrounded by a world being renewed! The vow a couple makes to each other - to have and to hold, in good times and in bad - seems to hold an extra measure of promise. Kerry and Dylan were blessed with the most beautiful of spring days - clear blue skies, warm sunshine, and shades of green. And there were so many beautiful elements to the day - Kerry's fairy tale glow, Dylan's smile for his bride, the bridesmaids' ethereal blue dresses, the flower girl's enthusiastic charm. But even more beautiful was watching as two became one - husband and wife being bonded by new promise, a new family born out of love. It was such a privilege to be there to witness their deep love for each other, and to see their new marriage be celebrated with joy by their family and friends. 

Congratulations, Kerry and Dylan! We wish you many, many years of springtime joy in your life together!