2016 Wedding Referral Program

Photography just never gets old. There's always something new to learn, new to see, new to love. We've experienced so many new aspects of the art of photography in 2015, and we've come so far in our work over the last year. So as we're getting ready to wrap up 2015, we can't help but be grateful for the amazing year we've had. We met some incredible new clients, had a blast with our faithful return clients, increased our business dramatically throughout the fall, and have already begun booking 2016 weddings.

Which brings us to our point...

We've fallen in love with weddings.

It took us a while to admit, but it's true - we love weddings. We love the beauty in the details, the energy in the atmosphere, the aura of love and romance, the camaraderie between new family members, and the joy between the bride and groom. But I think what we love the most is the fact that we seem to have found our niche together. Working weddings together is one of the few areas of our life where we seem to communicate flawlessly. And for a couple who've always been opposites in almost every way, that's a little slice of heaven in our relationship.

And the best part is that it shows. When we first started shooting weddings, we were so green! We were nervous and uptight, we were still learning our equipment and how to direct our brides and grooms, and it took us a long time to feel confident. Even though we're always still learning, each wedding grows our confidence by leaps and bounds and it shows not only in our work, but also in the way our clients respond to us. Being at ease behind our cameras and confident in our work puts our brides and grooms at ease with us, and we're able to help them relax and enjoy their day. We think that's a pretty awesome gift to give our clients on their big day, and we want to share it with more brides and grooms!

So our goal for 2016 is to double the number of weddings we're booking! And to that end, we've turning to you, our faithful friends, for your help in spreading the word. In 2016, we're launching our wedding referral program. It's simple enough - if you know a newly engaged bride or groom-to-be, refer them to us, and if they book us for their wedding we will send you $100 AND gift you a free session ($125 value), valid anytime in 2016! So get ready for all those Christmas and New Year's Eve proposals, my friends. Send us your referrals and it could be a win-win for everyone!

There are just a few tiny rules:

1) You must be willing to submit both your email and an email for either the bride of the groom you are referring (preferably both!). By submitting any email address for the referral program, all parties agree to allow the address to be added to our mailing list.


2) You must like our Facebook page! We love making new friends!

We can't wait to see who you send our way! Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year and get ready for an amazing New Year! We already know 2016 is going to be incredible! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!