Razia and Patrick - June 30, 2016

We were SO excited to photograph Razia and Patrick's Hidden Valley wedding in June! They contacted us several months before their wedding from their home in London to see if we could work with them long distance while they planned their wedding. They had actually gotten married in a civil ceremony before they moved to London for Razia's job, but were planning a gorgeous wedding at the Hidden Valley Resort so they could celebrate with all of their family and friends at home.

We had several Skype conversations with them, during which they shared their vision for their wedding day. We loved that they were so enthusiastic and knew exactly what they wanted, but they were still just as relaxed as can be and looking forward to an incredible day. We were ecstatic about all of the amazing elements they were planning, especially the mountaintop ceremony, complete with gondola rides to the site. (Tim kept promising to stand up on the gondola so he could snag some impressive shots. Patrick was all for it...Razia and I both expressly forbade it!)

But then the big day arrived and along with it came great storm clouds that turned the ceremony site to mud and forced a last minute change of plans. We were disappointed, so we could only imagine that Patrick and Razia were even more so. It seemed unfair, that after all that work they put into the planning, they weren't able to follow through with their vision at the last minute. But if they were disappointed, they certainly didn't show it - Razia was absolutely, stunningly, perfectly radiant and Patrick's million dollar smile never faltered for a second. The ceremony was SO beautiful that it was hard to imagine how it could've been better anywhere else. Patrick and Razia were just happy to be together, celebrating their love while surrounded by the friends and family who love them dearly. Besides, we put the rain to work for us and got some AMAZING shots that we wouldn't have been able to get without it. How's that for making sunshine out of rain?!

Plus, I didn't have to worry about Tim falling off of the gondola. Win.