Meet Tim & Angie.

Meet Tim and Angie: loving spouses, devoted parents to three beautiful children, and the faces behind the camera at VanDyke Photography.

The truth of the matter is that the two of us really have nothing in common. Tim likes baseball, graphics, gadgets, and weird reality TV. Angie likes distance running, reading, cross-stitching, and sappy romance movies. Tim likes making new friends and being the center of attention. Angie has a few close friends and prefers quiet solitude. Tim lives for hoagies and Mountain Dew. Angie would subsist on chocolate and coffee, if possible.

So when Tim first picked up a camera in 2008 and began taking beautiful macro photos, Angie oohed and aahed over his new talent, but chalked it up to one more hobby we didn’t have in common. Three years later, when he began taking portraits and talking about making a business out of his newfound passion, Angie inwardly groaned and wondered how long it was going to take for this crazy idea to work its way out of his system.

But then, in December 2011, Tim asked Angie to assist him at a small wedding. She reluctantly agreed and tagged along, expecting nothing more than a fun evening with her husband. Instead, she got a bad bite from the photography bug and was completely hooked.

Since then, it’s been an adventure. Like any great relationship, we’re taking our new love affair with photography slow and appreciating everything it’s bringing to our lives. We love having this passion in common. We love being a team and sharing the highs and lows of creating an art. We love that we each have our own style, and that, like every other difference in our relationship, it somehow all works together seamlessly. We love that we’re learning both the visual and the technical aspects of the craft together. And we love that we are each other’s biggest fan.

And we love our clients! We’ve been blessed to photograph some amazing (and very photogenic) people, and we can’t wait to see who we’re going to get to work with next. We hope you like what you see while you’re here and will contact us about scheduling your own session or event. We would be thrilled to get to know you and make you a part of our photography family!